HE-FRAG Compact Defensive Hand Grenade AR-ROG with DVM Fuze


AR-ROG is HE Hand Grenade with Pre-fragmented splinters, intended
for defensive close combat. The grenade features compact dimensions
and low weight, twice less that of conventional grenades. The
incorporation of powerful explosive RDX and pre-fragmented elements
ensures the grenade more than 500 splinters within the lethal radius of
The AR-ROG grenade is completed with DVM fuze, providing burst of
the grenade within 3.2 to 4 sec. from releasing the safety lever. The ARROG
grenade is safe during transportation, storage and service handling
and ensures reliable performance in all weather conditions.

Effective radius of defeat 7 m
Safety radius, min 30 m
Number of fragments Not less than 500
Explosive filling (RDX) 30 g
Height of safe drop 3 m
Operational Temperature -50 to +50oC
Shelf Life 10 year

Body diameter 30 mm
Width with fuze 36 mm
Height with fuze 110 mm
Weight with fuze 0.250 kg
Type of fuze Pyrotechnic delay
Delay time 3.2-4

60 grenades and 60 fuzes packed
separately in 3 airtight metal
boxes in a wooden case
Dimensions 875 x 398 x 206 mm
Gross weight 34 kg