PLEASE NOTE: Do not attempt to return any OUR product without first contacting our customer service department for an RMA number. Guns market cannot service legacy models older than 10 years, with the exception of most 1911 models and third generation Single Action Army (and New Frontier) models.



Toll Free: 800-962-COLT (2658)

Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-Noon and 1pm to 5pm EST


How to send in your firearm.

  1. Contact Guns market Customer Service to obtain an RMA. The included Fed Ex shipping label will enable you to return your firearm to the Colt factory for evaluation.
  2. Remove the magazine from your pistol and/or rifle. Be certain there are not rounds remaining in the firearm. Whenever possible, include the magazines with the pistol in the original blue box.
  3. Use the label provided for returning the firearm. Be sure to include the RMA number on the outside of the packaging.
  4. Be sure the package is sealed and well padded. Do not mark the outside packaging as to the contents.
  5. Include a note describing the problem, including any specific details to enable us to resolve the issue. Please include your contact information, email, phone and serial number of the firearm. A copy of the original purchase receipt would be helpful.

Once your firearm is received it will go directly into the repair loop if it is being covered under our service agreement. If it is a paid service a repair order will be created and mailed to you. Once you receive the repair order with the charges please call customer service to make payment, work will not begin until payment has been provided.  Accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, check or money order. Once your order is complete you will receive an automated email from Fed-Ex with your tracking information. If you have any questions, please contact Guns market Customer Service

We appreciate your patronage and the opportunity to assist you in this matter.


How to Purchase Colt Products and Services

How to Purchase New Guns market® Guns

To purchase a new Guns market pistol or revolver, visit our Stocking Dealer Locator to find a Guns market Authorized Dealer. Guns market Manufacturing Company does not sell firearms directly to consumers.

How to Purchase New Guns from the Guns market® Custom Gun Shop

To purchase a new gun from the Colt Custom Gun Shop, please contact Customer Service. After we have helped you design a custom Guns market gun, we will assist you in finding a dealer through whom an order can be placed.

Repair, Refinishing and Custom Services

Please contact Customer Service to obtain more information about or to place orders for repair, refinishing or custom services (either engraving and decorative services or performance enhancements). Orders for these services are placed directly with the factory.

How to Purchase Genuine Guns market® Parts

You can purchase genuine Colt parts through BROWNELLS or MIDWAYUSA.

How to Purchase a Guns market® Archive Letter

Colt Archive Letters are purchased directly through the Guns market Archive Department.


How to Install Parts

Genuine Guns market® replacement parts must be installed correctly to ensure proper function and safety. They are intended for installation on Guns market guns only, and are not intended to be used in other products.

Genuine Guns market® parts installed at the factory may be protected under Guns market Limited Product Warranty. Parts installed by other gunsmiths will not be covered. Substitution of non-Guns market parts may void or impair your Limited Product Warranty. Guns market will not accept liability for any subsequent malfunction or defect that in any way arises from, in connection with or as a result of the installation of a non-Guns market part in a Guns market firearm.

Unless you are a skilled gunsmith yourself, never attempt to replace parts on or repair or modify a gun in the absence of expert assistance.